About us

Mission Statement

We connect people around core values in order to provide quality products and make patients lives content and ensure success for our customers and business partners, as well as, ourselves as an organization.

Our daily work always reflect our core values: Quality, Service, Trust, Value, & Innovation.

The company is focused on providing quality products, manufactured to the highest standards, using superior medical grade materials and continuous improvement is the hallmark of Pelican’s activities.

Meringer aim to be the market leading brand, providing world class medical products and excellence of service. We are committed to bringing innovative, quality products to market for the benefit of our customers.

In the coming years the company plans to further dynamic development, inter alia, through the development of assortment and services with new proposals.

Company History

The history of the company under the brand name Meringer dates back to the autumn of 2007 when the company was formed as a sole proprietor. Then, after less than two years of operation in 2009, it was transformed in limited liability company Meringer Sp. z o.o., which it operates in that form to this day. The establishing initiators of the company consist of three young friends and entrepreneurs: Philip Guzielak, Kate Guzielak, Martin Matysiak. They decided to use their enthusiasm and professional experience to build a modern and vibrant acting company.

The company operates successfully in the medical industry, and focusing it’s efforts on gynecological segment. The main area of activity of the company is the distribution of medical instruments to providers of medical services in the field of gynecology.

The portfolio includes our own brands such as INVISIO, Directa, Silvecta, Sigmetic as well as a wide range of Polish and foreign producers. The company imports products from countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, India and China. Meringer Sp. with o.o. Our products have been involved in a few million different types of medical procedures throughout the Polish.

Management Board

Filip Guzielak

President of the board, CEO

Filip Guzielak – a graduate of the Technical University of Poznań, received his BA degree in Marketing and Management at the Management and Mechanical Construction department. He also studied Product Management at the Poznań University of Economics, Commodity Science department. A graduate of a series of training programmes such as Management and Innovation Academy – I CAN INNOVATE, organised by the ICAN INSTITUTE and Harvard Business School Publishing. He has also completed a numerous trainings and courses covering the areas of sales, marketing, and management. Philip Guzielak has acquired his initial proffessional experience in the advertising and automotive industry. In 2004 he entered the path of his pharmaceutical career working for such companies as Blau-Farma, where he was in charge of sales and promotion of dermatological drugs in a given he was in charge of sales and promotion of dermatological drugs in a given sales area in Poland, as well as Teva Pharmaceutical, where he was responsible for a group of pulmonological drugs and antibiotics. He is a co-founder and the President of the Board of Meringer Ltd. Since 2009 he has aslo been occupying the position of the CEO at Meringer Ltd. and been responsible for the strategy, sales, strategic marketing as well as the the development of new products and innovation. He is the entrepreneur. Being largely interested in personal development, he is keen on omnifarious sports and physical activity – cycling and jogging in particular. All his shorter and longer moments of free time, he devotes to reading and traveling,
getting to know new places and their culture.

Katarzyna Guzielak

Board Member , Keys Clients

Kate Guzielak has received her Business Management BA degree at the State Higher School of Vocational Education. Later on she continued her education at the Poznań University of Economics where she received her MA degree in the Business Accounting and Finance department. She a graduate of Management2012 training programme organized by ICAN Institute and Harvard Business School Publishing. She has also been an auditor of numerous trainings and lectures covering the areas of management and sales techniques. She has acquired her professional experience in banking, finance, and insurance branches. In 2004 she completed a training at Bank Pocztowy, later on she gained her experience in customer service and sales in Żagiel Ltd. She then exercised the gained compentences while working in PZU Ltd. She then exercised the gained compentences while working in PZU S.A. where she was responsible for the sales of car and property insurance. She has been working in the Meringer Ltd. since 2007. A co-founder and a member of the board at Meringer Ltd, she now performs the function of the Key Clients and HR Director. She is in charge of the company’s key clients and the training of its medical consultants in the trade department. She also takes part in the strategic process planning and the offer development. In her private time she reads biographies but she is also interested in the World War II literature. She spends her remaining spare time actively, as an enthusiast of healthy lifestyle she loves the prohealth cuisine as well as a range of sport activities – jogging, swimming, and cycling in particular.

Marcin Matysiak

Board member, Logistic and Purchasing Director

Martin Matysiak – a graduate of the Technical University of Poznań in the Technology and Construction Organization. He is also a graduate of the MANAGEMENT training porgramme organized by the ICAN Institute and Harvard Business Reviev Poland. He took part in numerous training courses covering legal areas of medical product manufacturing. He acquired his initial professional experience during his studies while travelling to the United States of America. He gained much of his futher experience while working for the construction companies where he was in charge of labour organization, scheduling, and work progress supervision. He has been involved Meringer Ltd. since 2009, where he is in charge of the logistic area, foreign purchasing, and finance. He also deals with the the logistic area, foreign purchasing, and finance. He also deals with the legal matters regarding the distribution of medical products. One of his main responsibilities is to negotiate the terms and conditions of cooperation with international suppliers. He also takes part in the development, production, and launching of new products. Apart from that, as a member of the board, he also participates in the planning of the company’s futher development for to upcoming years. He is interested in such matters as management, operative advancement, personal effectiveness, and finances. He is keen on travelling across Europe and North America. He loves cycling and doing sports which require much mental and phisical effort.

Meringer Team

We create a team of top-notch professionals, gathered around common values. Our ambition is to meet as many needs of our clients as possible, concentrating our activity solely on therapeutic area which is gynecology and obstetrics.

We think fast, are flexible, and always carefully consider our Client’s needs. Developing top quality products and providing great service are at the core of our business. Our determined focus on the latest developments is a key driver of our success.

Contact us

Got a question about our products or any of our services? You can get in touch by phone or e-mail and we will contact You promptly . Thank you for your interest in Meringer Company, working together, we can achieve great things.

Phone: +48 62 594 04 42
E-mail: office@meringer.pl

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